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11th August 2020

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"ALL 8" Portfolio

Recent Return = 73.21%
(as of 4/2/15)

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Closed Position Track Record Average = 238.91%

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CLOSED Positions

The table below documents the CLOSED positions of the "ALL 8" Portfolio and the returns (238.91% average) on those positions.

Overall Summary of CLOSED PORTFOLIO - Top Gold Stocks

Add DateSell DateReturn/Time
12/9/137/3/14109.8% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/1431% profit in less than 2 months
12/9/137/3/1431.3% profit in about 7 months
4/11/147/3/1427.1% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/1468.5% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/1456.25% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/14282.5% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/1475% profit in about 7 months
12/9/137/3/14839% profit in about 7 months
12/9/139/4/141,150% profit in about 9 months
12/9/137/3/14135.3% profit in about 7 months
4/24/147/3/1461% profit in about 7 months
238.91% Average

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YES! Please Send Me A No-Obligation Gold Investment Kit!I Want To Learn How To Diversify My IRA With Real Money!